If you aren’t already aware, we got our first October Surprise in the last couple of days in the form of a video of Trump speaking with media personality Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women. The video has many calling for Trump’s resignation as the Republican presidential candidate as soon as possible.

Image: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons

Republican leaders including Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, who had started to show signs of support for the Trump campaign in recent weeks, have condemned the comments in posts on social media. Ryan signed a bill supporting victims of sexual assault shortly after the video was released.

Republican Senator Mark Kirk has called for Trump’s resignation in wake of the comments and other members of Congress are quickly joining that chorus.

Even Trump’s campaign team acknowledges that this is going to pose problems, especially with the next debate scheduled for Sunday night. A source from the Trump campaign told CNN said they were “dumbfounded,” saying the remarks “could be a death knell.”

“I think the next 48 hours will be the most consequential of the entire election. Right here, right now, this is game time,” the source said.

During tonight’s episode of Rachel Maddow, a New York Times reporter called into the show to tell viewers that Republican leaders are meeting to discuss their options in case Trump was to resign from the race.

Since early voting has already started in some states and ballots are already finalized in others, it is unclear how the Republican Party would be affected if they had to replace Trump and if they would even be able to.

That said, it would seem unlikely that Trump would resign himself from the race this late in the game. We can bet this issue will likely be brought up during the next presidential debate.

Here is the call from the NYT reporter:

Here is the video of Trump and Bush if you haven’t seen it:

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