NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway (left) was killed by Travis Boys (right)

NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway (left) was killed by Travis Boys (right)

A New Orleans Police officer is dead after being shot in the head by a prisoner he was transporting earlier today.

Travis Boys, 33, is wanted in the killing of Officer Daryle Holloway, 46, a veteran officer.

Boys was being transported by Holloway to central booking after being arrested for aggravated assault. Boys somehow managed to get his hands (which were handcuffed behind his back) through a small opening in the squad car’s cage.

Boys and Holloway engaged in a physical altercation before Boys was able to secure Holloway’s sidearm. Boys then used the gun to shoot Holloway in the head. The squad car then crashed and Boys was able to escape the scene before responding officers arrived on scene.

A multi-agency manhunt is currently underway for Boys.

“He will pay for what he did,” NOLA Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said.


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