This is a developing story, we will update the post as more information is confirmed.

A United States Marine is dead and several others are seriously injured following a rocket attack launched by ISIS in the town of Makhmur, some 75 miles southeast of Mosul.

A U.S. defense official did not release the exact number of wounded but said the number is less than five. All of the wounded were flown to a hospital away from the base.

“It was a lucky strike by ISIS,” the official said.

The Pentagon is expected to make an announcement shortly.

The Marine is the second American killed fighting ISIS since combat operations began in August 2014.

Delta Force Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler was the first, killed during a daring hostage rescue deep inside Iraq.

Currently, there are some 3,700 American troops on the ground advising and training the Iraqi Army, including a brigade from the 101st Airborne Division.

An additional 200-man special operations task force is stationed in Northern Iraq, tasked with killing or capturing high level ISIS leaders.

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