This is a developing situation. Stay with this post for live updates as they happen.

UPDATE: There is an active gun battle between the suspects and police. You can follow that story and ongoing by clicking here.

UPDATE 6:07PM Eastern: Police are in pursuit of the black SUV at this time.

San Bernardino Police Department has authorized deadly force during police chases, such as in this case from September.

UPDATE 5:15PM Eastern: Police say suspects came prepared and on a mission.

UPDATE 5:01PM Eastern: FBI has not yet ruled this a terrorist incident yet according to press conference.

UPDATE 5:00PM Eastern: Police confirm suspects likely fled scene in dark SUV.

UPDATE 4:57PM Eastern: Police press conference: preliminary numbers – 14 dead, 14 wounded.

UPDATE 4:47PM Eastern: Local news is confirming twelve fatalities.

UPDATE 4:20PM Eastern: Law enforcement source tells CNN that they believe they are looking for three suspects armed with AK-47 style rifles.

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UPDATE 4:14PM Eastern: According to police radio traffic, one possible suspect has been identified as Farooq Saeed. This is an unconfirmed report and comes from police radio chatter in regards to the shooting.

UPDATE 4:12PM Eastern: Some witness reports indicate that multiple suspects, possibly armed with AK style rifles, fled the scene in a dark colored SUV. Source: LA Times

UPDATE 4:04PM Eastern: According to MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ Producer on Twitter: San Bernardino Police Lt Cervantes says witness reported seeing dark-colored SUV as getaway vehicle.

UPDATE 3:39PM Eastern: The FAA has issued a flight restriction for the airspace above the active shooting scene.

UPDATE 3:31PM Eastern: CNN reports that at least one witness has reported that they observed three suspects in the same place, at the same time.

UPDATE 3:25PM Eastern: Hundreds of people work at the Inland Regional Center building.

UPDATE 3:22PM Eastern: Fox News is reporting that a police robot is being used to detonate a suspicious device.

UPDATE 3:21PM Eastern: Local NBC affiliate is reporting at least “three bodies”.

UPDATE 3:14PM Eastern: President Obama has been briefed on the situation.

UPDATE 3:09PM Eastern: FBI and ATF agents have been sent to the scene from the LA field offices.

UPDATE 2:59PM Eastern: Victims can be seen being triaged in the parking lot of one of the area buildings.

UPDATE 2:55PM Eastern: People are being escorted out of area buildings with their hands up and towards police cars.

UPDATE 2:51PM Eastern: Police urge people in area to shelter in place and avoid scene of shooting.

UPDATE 2:49PM Eastern: Suspicious package found inside building near the scene of mass shooting. Being investigated by officers.

UPDATE 2:41PM Eastern: Reports indicate that police are looking for between 1 and 3 white, male suspects dressed in military gear.

UPDATE 2:37PM Eastern: SWAT is on the scene. At least one active shooter. As many as three.

UPDATE 2:35PM Eastern: NBC LA is reporting that the SB Sheriff’s Office is confirming an active shooter situation.

ORIGINAL STORY: Authorities in San Bernardino, CA have confirmed they are responding to an active shooter situation near the 1300 block of S Waterman Ave.

The SBFD tweeted that they were responding to a shooting situation in which there were 20 shooting victims.

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The largest facility on that block seems to the headquarters for the Inland Regional Center, a non profit which provides services to people with developmental disabilities.

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