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As the Afghan Army attempts to retake the fallen provincial capital of Kunduz, U.S. Special Forces “advisors” are on the ground with them.

There are now reports of the American Special Forces soldiers fighting off an attack by Taliban forces on the Kunduz airport.

Around 1a.m. local time Wednesday, the airport was attacked by a sizable force of Taliban insurgents.

With the airport on the verge of being overrun, the team of more than 100 American Special Forces operators went to work.

Multiple airstrikes were called in and, combined with overwhelming firepower from the American & Afghan soldiers, effectively repelled the attack.

The engagement was confirmed by spokesman Colonel Brian Tribus to Reuters, ““Coalition special forces advisers, while advising and assisting elements of the Afghan Security Forces, encountered an insurgent threat in the vicinity of the Kunduz airport at approximately 1 a.m., 30 September.”

“They are in a non-combat role,” Tribus insisted. “That said, they also maintain the right to defend.”

A senior Afghan military official confirmed that US Special Forces engaged the Taliban outside of Kunduz Airport. According to Reuters, an estimated “100 members of US special forces fought off Taliban attackers threatening to breach the airport.”

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