Image: Social Media and Brown Family Provided Images

Image: Social Media and Brown Family Provided Images

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers is reporting that the Ferguson Police Department has over 12 witnesses whose account of the Michael Brown shooting matches the description the officer allegedly gave.

Byers has proven to be very accurate in her reporting throughout the last week in regards to the Ferguson situation.

One might wonder why police haven’t released those statements yet. It is common practice to not release witness statements and other evidence in an active investigation so as not to taint future statements of witnesses who may not have come forward yet. If multiple witnesses come forward independently of one another and all tell the same story you can begin to more accurately determine the real story.

A friend of the officer who fired the fatal shot called in to Dana Loesch’s radio show to recount the story as told to her by the officer. The officer has been identified as Darren Wilson, a 28 year old.

The friend, named Josie, said that Brown wrestled with Wilson and tried to grab his gun. Once the two had some separation between them, Brown charged Wilson. Wilson then opened fire on Brown, striking him multiple times.

You can listen to the call of the description of the shooting below.

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