In order to better support Eastern European members of NATO, the United States will soon be deploying F-22 fighter jets to Europe for the first time.

“Russia’s military activity in the Ukraine continues to be of great concern to us and to our European allies,” Air Force Secretary Deborah James told a news conference at the Pentagon on Monday. “For the Air Force, an F-22 deployment is certainly on the strong side of the coin.”

The F-22 has seen limited action against Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL) ground targets in the Middle East this year.

Russia has increased the number of its bomber and fighter patrols in international airspace as of recent months. Russian aircraft are also coming closer to sovereign airspace and have, at times, flown dangerously close to the military aircraft of other nations in international airspace.

In addition to be a direct response to Russian actions, the move will also allow the jets to be more readily deployed to other parts of the world should the need arise.

The number and location of the aircraft that are to be deployed was not revealed.

Source: NBC News

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