The British government has ordered the elite SAS & SBS to eliminate ISIS terrorists by any means necessary.

In the aftermath of the Tunisian massacre where ISIS gunman Seifeddine Rezgui slaughtered 38 of it’s citizen’s, British Prime Minister David Cameron promised a “broad spectrum” response. On Monday, Cameron spoke of the need to “crush IS in Syria and Iraq”.

The Sunday Times is reporting that more than 100 SAS (Special Air Service) & SBS (Special Boat Service) operators are being deployed to work side by side with American Special Forces and SEALs already in the region. The Tier 1 units are being given “carte blanche” to hunt down and kill ISIS members with an emphasis on leadership or anyone posing a threat to British & Allied interests.

SAS commandos have been pushing for a more active role in the war for a long time, according to a senior intelligence source.

“In the past couple of years they have planned a number of operations in Syria when the chemical weapon threat was high but the missions were vetoed at the highest level because of the risks involved.

“The Tunisian attack has led to a rethink and has sped up the inevitable use of SF [special forces] against Islamic State.”

Some rare combat video of SAS commandos fighting side by side with United States Marines:

The world’s first taste of what a Tier 1 unit is capable of, courtesy of the SAS during the 1980 Iranian embassy siege:

And let’s not forget they were the original operators, seen here in North Africa during World War II:


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