The “free” college (free is in quotes because, of course, someone is paying for it) movement didn’t start with the Bernie Sanders campaign, but it certainly picked up most of its steam from the senator’s repeated calls for free college for all American youths.

It was such an influential concept that the eventual Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, adopted the plan for her official platform and it now appears we are on our way to taxpayer funded college should Clinton win the White House.

In case you weren’t aware, students across the nation marched late last year in an effort to get a bunch of free stuff (no, there’s no better way to put it).

The members of the “Million Student March” demanded far more than reduced cost or free tuition. They were looking for forgiveness of all student loan debt, free tuition at all state schools, and a $15/hour minimum wage for people who worked on campus.

Well, one Marine took note of the march and decided to let students know that if they’re interested in marching for a free education, there are options.

Here is his tweet:

Someone get those protestors some ointment because they just got BURNED.

The tweet quickly went viral, amassing thousands of retweets and likes in a matter of hours. The replies to the tweet were nearly universally positive:

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