A police officer was gunned down while sitting in his patrol car in the parking lot of the Downey, California police department.

Identified as 29-year-old Ricky Galvez, a Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and began serving as a police officer in March 2010.

Galvez had just ended his shift and was in his personal vehicle inside the parking lot when several men ran up on the car and opened fire.

It was not immediately clear how many rounds were fired. Galvez died at the scene.

Another officer in a patrol car heard the gunfire and saw a driver speeding away, leading to a high-speed pursuit that ended when the suspects bailed from their car and fled on foot. The search continues at this hour.

A massive manhunt is underway and SWAT officers have detained at least five people.

“We have several people detained, and we’re in the process of looking for several more,” said Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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