Darren Baker is being hailed as a hero after his actions led to the arrest of an armed robber back in December. Video from the incident has just been released.

Here is the video description [Scroll Down For Video]:

Brave Darren Baker got Stephen Lawrence, 54, in a headlock before forcing him to the ground when he tried to rob a shop in Norwich, England on December 22 last year. Mr Baker raced to the Premier Stores shop after his wife Sharon, 42, told him there was a man inside wearing a crash helmet with a sawn-off shotgun.

Despite having the imitation firearm pointed directly at him Mr Baker grabbed the motorcycle helmet Lawrence was wearing and forced the crook to the floor. In the meantime a shop assistant who had fled the store called police who came and arrested Lawrence.

It’s unclear if Baker quickly identified the gun as a fake, or if he just didn’t care.

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