A 29 year old mother from Georgia had a scary situation on Tuesday when what appears to be an intoxicated man wondered into her home.

According to the woman’s Facebook post:

So this video is to say two things. One always lock your door. Number 2 this is why our right to bear arms is so important. I was using the restroom when my kids ran to tell me there was a man in the house I grabbed the shot gun and went out to find him in my kitchen holding a steak knife. You will see a woman with a shot gun is no match for a man with a steak knife. Thank god I ran him out. Please share in support of our right to bear arms.

The woman can be seen walking the man out of the home at gunpoint using a shotgun. According to subsequent comments made by the woman, the suspect was arrested by police a short time later. This is not the first run-in the family had with the suspect, who would allegedly beat on their door while intoxicated in the middle of the night.

The woman says she plans to seek a protective order against the suspect.

She also indicated that the only reasons she did not shoot the man are because he complied with her commands and she did not want to shoot someone in front of her children if she could avoid it.

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