The situation in the South China Sea just got even more tense this week. According to reports, China has deployed advanced missile systems to its man-made South China Sea island.

The system is said to be an advanced surface to air missile battery. New radar technology was also seen in satellite images along with the missiles.

According to a Fox News report:

The missiles arrived over the past week. According to the images, a beach on the island was empty on Feb. 3, but the missiles were visible by Feb. 14.

A U.S. official confirmed the accuracy of the photos. The official said the imagery viewed appears to show the HQ-9 air defense system, which closely resembles Russia’s S-300 missile system. The HQ-9 has a range of 125 miles, which would pose a threat to any airplanes, civilians or military, flying close by.

The move by China comes just weeks after the US sailed a guided missile destroyer within 12 miles of the contested island as part of a military exercise.

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