A college junior blew $90,000 from a tuition fund established by her grandparents on expensive clothing and vacations – and she says it’s her parent’s fault.

22-year-old college junior Kim was on “The Bert Show” and said she’s flat broke with one more year of college to pay for. And she doesn’t believe she should have to get a part time job. Kim then explained why her parents are to blame using a form of logic best described as “spoiled girl about to learn that life isn’t all pixies and unicorns”.

She said: “Maybe they should have taught me how to budget a little more carefully. They never sat me down and had like a real serious talk about it. They said there was nothing they could do to help me anyway. They’re not being honest with me and saying they don’t have [money], because my dad has worked for like a million years, and they have a retirement account.”


Speaking on “Fox and Friends Weekend” Dr. Keith Ablow said that Kim is clearly to blame, but her parents certainly failed on their end for not teaching her character.

He said: “You do look at yourself and you say, ‘Man, how did I miss instilling values in my child?'”

Dr. Morris added that social media is influencing kids so much that it’s become difficult to teach family values.

The Fox and Friends Weekend crew had some suggestions of their own.

“Cut her off social media, shut down electronics, send her off to some ‘petulant camp’ for a few weeks, where she’s got to learn the hard way how to shape up,” Clayton Morris said.

Do you think the parents should bail out their daughter and pay for her last year of college?

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