It’s called Athena and it’s the latest in wearable technology.

However, unlike many current “wearables”, as they are more commonly being called, this device doesn’t let you check your messages or keep track of your fitness goals.

No, the makers of Athena hope their device can be used to stop sexual assaults and other crimes.

The small, lightweight device can be worn in a variety of ways and when activated it emits an ear piercing alarm. However, unlike traditional personal alarm systems, Athena takes it a step further.

By paring the device with your phone, the accompanying app will send a message with your exact coordinates to family and friends.

According to one media report:

“You press the button in the middle of the device for three seconds, it will immediately shoot off a loud alarm,” CEO Yasmine Mustafa said. “And then it will message friends and family with your location through your mobile applications.”

Along with Mustafa, Action News spoke with co-founder Anthony Gold Tuesday night.

“We’re also engineering it so it will be able to call 911; we don’t have that part complete yet, but that’s our goal,” Gold said.


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