A harrowing defensive gun use was captured on home surveillance cameras last week. [Scroll down for video]

In the video, a group of would-be robbers attempted to rob a couple as they pulled into their garage in Brazil. The group can be seen approaching the garage just as the door was about to close. One suspect stopped the door and approached the vehicle.

When the driver’s side door opened, the suspect was greeted with a hail of gunfire from the driver. The suspect and his accomplices immediately fled. The suspect who approached the vehicle was shot multiple times and ultimately died of his injuries after fleeing the garage.

This is the second defensive gun use caught in detail on camera this month. Earlier this month a South African woman opened fire on a group of home invaders and it was all captured in HD by home surveillance cameras.

According to local media reports (translated by Google):

A 32-year-old man was killed after trying to rob the house of a civilian police in the Garden Patricia neighborhood in the west of Uberlândia. According to the case record, Eliseu Santos Paulo and two other men approached the victim as she entered the home garage, accompanied by the wife. Seeing that one of the bandits was armed, the officer took aim and shot the man who was trying to steal it. There was exchange of fire, and the bandits fled towards Pampulha neighborhood, on the east side of the city.

A neighbor called the Military Police (PM), which located the bad guys in the Integrated Service Unit (IAU) of Pampulha. Eliseu Santos Paul died to reach the health unit and the other two fled. One of them, 18, was found and arrested at the scene. The weapons used were seized and forwarded to the duty station.

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