Concealed Carrier Takes On AK-47 Wielding Gunman

An AK-47 wielding gunman is unconscious and fighting for his life in the hospital after a licensed concealed carrier took him down when he tried to rob a Waffle House in Desoto, Texas


The gunman, identified by police as 26-year-old Antione Devon Cooper , is accused of attempting to rob the Waffle House around 2:30a.m. on July 7.


Patrons of the restaurant told police that Cooper entered the Waffle House armed with his AK-47 rifle and began waving it around, demanding money from both the register and individual customers inside.


One of the customers who was robbed, whose identity is being withheld by police, is a licensed concealed carrier who was waiting for his wife to join him for a late night meal.

Biding his time, the concealed carrier waited until Cooper, still carrying his AK-47, began to leave the establishment before jumping into action – grabbing his gun and following Cooper outside.


Once outside, the concealed carrier called out to Cooper, who then turned to face the customer and pointed the rifle in his direction – at which point the carrier shot him numerous times.


Police responding to the 911 call of an armed robbery found Cooper on the ground, bleeding profusely from multiple gunshot wounds.


The concealed carrier told police he was waiting for his wife to arrive at the Waffle House and he feared the gunman would target her if she arrived while he was there.

Police said the customer who shot the suspect was not arrested. The case will be submitted to a grand jury for review.

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