Proponents of the Second Amendment have often pointed out that criminals are especially motivated by laws. If you establish a Gun-Free-Zone, only law-abiding citizens will obey and come unarmed. In fact, such zoning often means criminals can act with impudence knowing that their victims will be less likely to fight back.

And now we have proof. The FBI has an alleged ISIS supporter in custody, and he’s talking. Kahlil Abu- Rayyan, from Detroit, Michigan, bought guns and posted many of his felonious intentions to social media.

From the Complaint the FBI has recently issued:

gun free zone d

See Abu-Rayyan is an ISIS supporter. He was tooling up for an attack on a Detroit church capable of seating 6000,

But Abu-Rayyan has about as much going on upstairs as you’d imagine. And, in addition to informing the world of his plans via Twitter, he also got busted for drugs and managed to pick up a weapon’s violation, too.

Since he was caught, he’s decided to sing. As soon as he began to cooperate, investigators began collecting as much useful information about the motives and operational strategies of ISIS as they could.

gun free zone e

What does this information look like? It isn’t too deep. From where I sit, I’m not seeing anything that doesn’t seem immediately logical. That said, if the FBI were to have some shocking new news, they would be sharing it with the rest of the world just yet–not, at least, until they’d milked that udder dry.

Here’s the detail that’s making headlines today. Abu-Rayyan, in his testimony, said he’d planned the attack on the church because “it’s easy and a lot of people go there.”

“Plus,” he continued, “people are not allowed to carry guns in church.”

gun free zone g

And there it is. The target wasn’t chosen because he wanted to kill Christians, or slaughter the innocent–but because his cowardly ass was less likely to get shot at there, than if he’d decided to shoot up the annual NRA convention.

gun free zone c

“Plus,” he added, “it would make the news. Everybody would have heard.” Um, yes. It still made the news. And if all of you reading this now will go ahead and share, share, share, than even more people will hear.

Abu-Rayyan had said enough, but–like many would be terrorists–he doesn’t know when to quit. “Honestly, I regret not doing it,” he told the FBI. “If I can’t go do Jihad in the Middle East, I would do my Jihad over here.”

gun free zone a

What a guy. And his honesty! You can always trust a man who begins a sentence with the word “honestly.” That means he’s not only telling the truth, but being candid, too.

Just like you can trust all of the criminals and jihadists to leave their guns at home when they see this sign:

gun free zone i

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