A video that has been posted to Youtube is garnering a lot of attention. The video appears to show a Rohnert Park, California police officer pulling a gun on a man who was filming the officer from his front yard while he was hooking his boat up to his truck.

We do not know if a particular call led to the officer’s actions or if the officer and the man had interaction prior to the video.

The officer does remain calm throughout the video and does not actually point the gun at the man, but it is drawn during the encounter.

Here is the description from the video:

Prior to pulling out my camera and hitting record this cop pulled slowly into my court then just stopped infront of my house for a good 30 seconds while I was trying to hook my boat up to my Excursion. I stood up and just watched him. He ever so slowly pulled away, circled the court opposite my house and then just parked facing my house.

After an honest couple of minutes I pulled out my camera and pressed record. As minor as some would say it was, when I saw his gun gripped in his hand I really thought he was going to shoot me and claim my hand was in my pocket.

The officer says to the man, “Are you some kind of Constitutionalist? You a crazy guy or something like that?”

Ultimately, the officer admits the man has committed no crime and then left.

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