With law enforcement being attacked both figuratively and literally, a stunning video has come out of Texas showing what appears to be a cop pulling a gun on a suspect for no reason.

But there’s a twist.

According to the Blaze:

A police officer in Trinity, Texas, was forced to make an incredibly difficult split-second decision during a tense August 29 traffic stop when a man reached for a gun in the front passenger seat.

Officer Randy Wheeler drew his firearm and ordered the suspect to keep his hands up and outside of the car — but it’s an incident that easily could’ve resulted in death or tragedy.

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said the police department chose to release video of Wheeler’s scary traffic stop from two different angles to prove a major point about the type of split-second decisions cops are forced to make on a daily basis.”

“Based on the dash cam video, you might assume that Officer Wheeler is being overly aggressive towards the driver for no reason,” Wheeler wrote in a Facebook post. “If Officer Wheeler would have shot the driver, it could have sparked an outrage based on that limited view.”

Take a moment to watch the video and decide what you would do.

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