Charlie Daniels

Country music legend Charlie Daniels isn’t one to pull punches – and this time he BLASTED President Obama.

What got the legend worked up? President Obama’s refusal to call ISIS and it’s followers Islamic extremists, even after the ambush attack on a Chattanooga military recruiting office left four Marines dead.

Charlie let loose on Twitter, calling out POTUS in his own unique way.

Image 2015-07-19 002 (2)

A Twitter account linked to ISIS posted a warning of the fatal attack just ten minutes before it started, showing a  direct link but the Administration still refuses to call it a terror attack.

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The US Attorney assigned to the case initially said the DOJ was investigating it as a terror attack but quickly backtracked on his comments, leaving some to speculate he was given directives to not use the word terror in relation to the ambush.

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Three hours after the attack, The White House tweeted a four paragraph statement celebrating the Muslim holiday Eid-ul-Fitr, the Muslim feast day that marks the end of Ramadan.

Over an hour later – more than four hours after the attack – the White House posted Obama’s remarks on the shooting in Chattanooga. Despite the sinister warning from an ISIS Twitter account and details on the attacker , the President still couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge the reality of Islam-based terrorism.

At least Charlie is willing to say it exactly as it is:

Image 2015-07-19 005 (5)

And here’s a little classic CDB from just after the 9/11 attacks:

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