Cue the Ford vs Dodge jokes.

An Oklahoma man, Roho Hartman, found himself stranded on a flooded road in Oklamhoma until country music superstar Blake Shelton happened along and gave the hapless man a ride home.

Hartman was trying to cross a flooded road when his Ford Ranger took on water and stalled out. Fortunately, Shelton happened by in his larger Dodge Ram.

Shelton towed the man and his truck to safety and then even gave the man a ride home, miles out of his way.


Hartman relived the encounter in an interview with local news station KFOR. He said: ‘I didn’t get a chance to get Blake’s number – but I did give him my card though… maybe you can get him on that Facebook, however that is – I don’t know nothing about it.

‘It’s great, he’s pretty good. He’s a good fella I think, I like him.’

He continued: ‘We hit it off real good. He looked like a normal person but, but… tall.’

The flooding was due to tropical storm Bill which has been dropping torrential rain in Texas and Oklahoma.

h/t Daily Mail, KFOR

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