About a half dozen protestors turned up to the Utah Fair earlier this week to protest one of the fair’s most popular events – pig wrestling.

Teams of four have a limited amount of time to get a muddy pig into a large bin. The protestors say that exploiting animals is wrong.

Some of the protestors even halted the action by getting into the pig wrestling arena. However, one of the pig wrestlers quickly tossed the protestor out of the ring and over the fence. This can be seen in the above video just after 2:08.

The Utah County Fair describes the event as follows on their website:

An event that is good “old-fashioned” family fun for all ages.

The event is done by setting up a round pen and filling it with about 8 inches of wet bentonite (a clay which is slicker than slick when wet). A barrel is then set in the center of the pen and a pig is turned loose in it. The object then is for a 4-person team to catch the pig and then place the pig in the barrel, rear-end first, in the shortest amount of time, working around a one minute time limit.

Rules of the event prohibit anything or action which may cause harm to the pig. The barrel is even partially filled with bedding which pads the pigs rear-end when placed in the barrel. AND…..Pigs love mud!

Local media reports indicate that the sheriff’s office is investigating the incident and it is possible that the wrestlers could face charges for physically harming the protestors.

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