Video has been released of a massive firefight between elite Russian special forces and a gunman in the city of Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.

According to reports, an armed man had barricaded himself inside of a house. Special forces then proceeded to basically destroy the home with weaponry. The suspect was killed and one member of the special forces team was injured, but is expected to recover.

Here is the description on the video, translated from Russian to English by Google:

On January 15, in Nalchik, in connection with the discovery in a private house in the city of Nalchik armed person who refused to surrender and opened fire on the officers of the security forces, it has been the legal regime of WHO. On the morning of January 16 armed resistance to security forces continued, but 15.00 was broken. Neutralize one of the members of the bandit underground, acting on the territory of the republic, his body was recovered last night from under the debris, formed after the destruction of the houses.

The house where the bandit was hiding, found a firearm and ammunition. Work on removing the debris prodolzhayutsya. Postradavshih civilian casualties and losses among law enforcement officials there. In the course of combat operations was wounded special forces of the FSB of Russia. According to the doctors, injury poses no threat to his life.

Since January 17 10.35 Legal CTO canceled. At the scene to conduct the necessary operational and search activities and investigations.

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