The gunman who terrorized Dallas, Texas with gunfire and IEDs last night is dead from a single .50 caliber bullet through his armored vehicle.

With the vehicle stopped at a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot and a high risk to the public, SWAT snipers first placed a round through the vehicles engine block, disabling it.

When negotiations between officers and 34-year-old James Boulware failed, he opened fire on officers through one of the gun ports.

That’s when the SWAT sniper fired a second shot from his .50 BMG rifle. The round pierced the armored windshield of the vehicle, aiming for Boulware.

Due to low visibility, it was unclear if Boulware was hit although there were no further communications.

Boulware’s death has now been confirmed.

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UPDATE 10:17a.m. EST: Two sniper shots rang out at the scene of the standoff and authorities believe the suspects are dead. Because of Boulware’s threat that the van was rigged with C4, a high-grade military explosive, police are being cautious in approaching the vehicle.

UPDATE 6:08a.m. EST: As a bomb squad robot approached one of the duffel bags known to contain explosives, the bag detonated. It is unknown if the device was remote detonated or on a timer at this time.

UPDATE 5:32a.m. EST: Reports indicate Boulware did tell SWAT officers he had been wounded in the initial gun battle, however police are unable to confirm at this time.

UPDATE 5:22a.m. EST: Authorities are reporting automatic gunfire, although that does not seem to be the case based on multiple recordings of the battle.

UPDATE 5:08a.m. EST: Dallas Police Department is confirming improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have been found inside duffel bags found at police headquarters.

UPDATE 5:04a.m. EST: The name the suspect gave to Dallas SWAT is James Boulware. Boulware has been connected to multiple family violence cases and was previously arrested for threatening a mass shooting in Dallas.

“That he was going to just kill all the adult members of the family and then that’s when he made the comment he may shoot up some churches and schools,” says Hundley.

“He had been talking about the schools and churches being soft targets, being easy targets because no one in them was armed,” a man who identified himself as Boulware’s brother “Andrew” said.

Boulware1 Boulware2

A massive firefight erupted outside Dallas Police Department Headquarters following shots on the building from an armored vehicle. When officers responded to the vehicle, more gunfire was exchanged.

The van then rammed a police cruiser and the suspects opened fire on the officers in and around the cruiser.

After a brief chase, the van parked at a Jack in the Box parking lot in Hutchins, Texas and was immediately surrounded by Dallas PD. Another exchange of gunfire occurred in the parking lot and ended briefly.

SWAT officers were called to the scene and began negotiations by cell phone. The suspect inside the van identified himself as James Boulware, although that has not been confirmed by police.

According to police, Boulware said they had “taken his child, accused him of being a terrorist, and that he is going to blow us up”. Communication was then cut off and has not resumed.

Four duffel bags were found on the steps of various entrances to DPD headquarters and the bomb squad has confirmed explosives inside at least one of those duffel bags. For that reason, SWAT believe the armored van is likely laden with explosives as well.

During a press conference, Dallas PD reported that there were as many as four gunmen and that witnesses reported seeing gunmen positioned in elevated positions inside nearby buildings. At least one suspect was reportedly left behind when the van took off but has not been apprehended.

The dramatic shootout was caught on multiple cell phone videos from the surrounding buildings.

In this footage of the start of the incident, you can see muzzle flashes from the back of the van as the suspect first opens fire on officers:

The gunman then waited for officer to approach the armored van before opening fire again. Luckily, no officers were struck in the firefight.

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