Dashcam video has been released in the controversial shooting of an “unarmed” teenager involved in a drug deal – and the cop haters are out in force.

An accidental text to a state trooper lead local police to set up an undercover drug sale to 19-year-old Zachary Hammond.

After the undercover sale was done, police moved in, with one officer approaching Hammond’s car with his gun drawn – that’s when the stories diverge.


Hammond’s family claims he was simply trying to flee (because that makes it so much better, right?) while police say Hammond attempted to run over the officer.

After repeatedly ordering Hammond to stop, and with Hammond continuing to accelerate, the officer fired multiple times, killing the teenager.


The solicitor in the case, Chrissy Adams, announced in a press conference today that charges will not be filed against the officer. Speaking about the investigation, Adams said that Tiller’s actions were justified and described the case as difficult.

“What may seem ‘reasonable’ to any of us who are not in the heat of the moment or at risk of losing our life is a far cry from an officer actually being in a tense situation where he or she is force to make a split second decision while facing a criminal assailant.”

Ronnie Richter, the attorney for Hammond’s family, called the decision not to bring charges “surprising and disappointing.”

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