Heart stopping video was released today showing the moment an officer was run over by a suspect before opening fire.

According to The Orlando Sentinel:

As [Officer William] Anderson rushes up to the car with his gun drawn, the sedan is seen repeatedly lunging forward, but another car stopped in front of the four-door sedan prevents it from speeding off.

Orlando police said Anderson was responding to a report of shots fired in the area with vehicles fleeing.

The video captured the moments when Anderson reached the driver’s side window as a passenger in the four-door vehicle jumps out of the right side of the car.

Anderson appears to run around the front of the car after the passenger and at that moment the driver hits the gas and strikes Anderson, who fired his weapon during the incident.

The officer is seen laying in the street for nearly 30 seconds before a bystander used his car to block traffic and protect the officer from further danger.

“Thank you to the citizen that blocked Officer Anderson’s body as he laid in the road after he was run over,” OPD spokeswoman Sgt. Wanda Ford said in a statement. “His actions prevented Officer Anderson from being struck by another vehicle. Officer Anderson remains hospitalized from his injuries.”

A 17-year-old boy was charged with attempted second-degree murder on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence for his role as the driver, police announced Tuesday night.

Of course, the parents of the suspect who ran over officer Anderson and the boy who fled the scene are filing excessive force complaints against Orlando PD. I guess the officer’s body was too tough on their car or some such nonsense.

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