Shocking footage released by police shows the moment a deranged woman drove her car directly at a police car and the officer standing next to it.

The drama began just after noon Friday when Sand Springs police were alerted to a stolen vehicle being tracked by the company that owner the car.

Officers quickly found the car, but the suspect, 41-year-old Stacy Ann Bunsey, refused to pull over and led police on a chase that included laps of an elementary school parking lot.

Patrolman Matt Stacy got out of his car to deploy spike strips and found the SUV accelerating straight at him.

“It was approximately three seconds after standing up outside his vehicle that the suspect rammed his patrol unit,” Deputy Chief of Police Mike Carter said in a press release. “When the officer saw that the suspect was coming at him, he abandoned the plan to retrieve the tire spikes and instead drew his weapon, not knowing of the suspect’s intention to hurt or kill him.”

Stacy opened fire on Bunsey and her vehicle just before she smashed into the patrol car, throwing him to the ground – miraculously unharmed.

“My only explanation was he was under the protection of God,” Carter said at a Monday press conference.

Bunsey had to be forcibly removed from the car and was screaming at officers: “I’m God, b—-. Welcome to hell!”

When officers finally had enough of her ranting, a Taser was deployed. That was caught on video as well:

“She had two lanes she could have utilized to bypass the officer,” Carter said, estimating that the SUV was traveling at 50 mph when it rammed the police car. “This is reflective of what’s going on because you can’t turn on the news at night and not see police denigrated.”

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