According to both the Marine Corps Times and Stars & Stripes, a Marine at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan is under arrest for a drunken night that might have caused extensive damage to an Air Force hangar.

The reports indicate that the unnamed Marine, while intoxicated, sneaked into an Air Force hangar and somehow activated the fire-suppression system, which sprayed foam all over the hangar.

The only thing that the military will confirm at this time is that the incident did happen, and the foam was in the vicinity of at least one aircraft. The type of aircraft and possible extent of the damages are unknown at this time.

The incident occurred on May 23rd, but the investigation is ongoing.

The foam suppression system is designed to immediately stop any type of fire inside of the hangar and can fill the entirety of the hangar with the foam substance in a matter of minutes.

At least one civilian contractor has been killed by an accidental activation of the system. That incident occurred at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The contractor became disoriented and ultimately died in the foam, likely due to suffocation.

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