Convicted drug trafficker and infamous woman abuser, Frank “Scooterbug” Clark, was shot dead by Durham officers after Clark reached for a firearm in his waistband.

Now his friends and family are upset that a violent felon isn’t treated with more respect by the officers involved. Hmm, you tried to pull a gun on officers. How else would you expect them to treat a criminal in a tense split-second situation?


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As is the case when any gun-toting felon is shot and killed by officers, protesters show their displeasure with the Durham police department by marching to their doorstep. They continued their protest by taking to the intersection of Duke Street and Gregson Street and effectively shutting the road down.

Clark’s brother, Michael Clark said,“Not only do I want change, the community wants change too.” Micheal wants the Durham police to be more respectful to residents and said that many who joined the march feel intimidated by police.


“The physical contact with the community, how they go about it; there’s another way instead of just hopping out, saying ‘put your hands up’, searching and patting you down for guns,” Michael Clark said.

Protesters argued that one Durham Police officer, Charles Barkley, has been actively pursuing Clark and had a grudge against him. “Barkley’s been messing with him for some years,” Jasmine Lloyd, Clark’s girlfriend said.


Officer Barkley has been well aware Clarks lengthy criminal history that spanned decades. Clark’s girlfriend and protesters don’t seem to have much to say on the fact that the felon reached for a weapon in his waistband as Officer Barkley approached, or anything about the shot apparently fired by Clark’s gun. They don’t even acknowledge the fact that a gun was recovered at the scene that apparently belonged to Clark.


They argue that Clark wasn’t approached by officers simply to talk to him. They feel that Officer Barkley spoke with Clark with the intent to anger him and cause a confrontation.


One person and one person only is responsible for convicted felon Frank “Scooterbug” Clark’s death – Clark. Disrupting traffic patterns and causing a commotion will not bring back a felon who acted with aggression towards an officer of the law. It’s time for people to wise up.'

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