A female bully and her brother just found out exactly where “the line” is – but not until she crossed it and paid the price.

The video, taken on a school bus, shows the female bully attacking a male student as other students ask to be let off the bus.

The bus driver can be heard saying she cannot let students off but that she had called 911. Of course, she never even enters the frame to attempt to break up the fight.

Finally, the boy snaps and proved yet again that bullies don’t need to be talked to, they need to get their ass kicked.

A quick struggle between the two leads to him choking the girl for all he’s worth. The bully can then be heard struggling to breath while her brother, who didn’t mind his sister attacking another student, decides he needs to jump in. Of course, he takes a Sparta kick to the face and gives up quickly.

Then, the boy asks if the girl is done attacking him and calmly let’s her go. Well done.

It seems the girl needs a reminder of what Chris Rock said about hitting women (Language Warning, but it’s Chris Rock so you should already know that):

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