A Halloween party outside of San Antonio, Texas ended badly when several party attendees got into a heated argument. One of the party-goers then “pulled out” a shotgun and shot five people. Witnesses say the man was dressed like Freddy Krueger.

The famous slasher from the fictitious Nightmare on Elm street movies has been a Halloween favorite for teenager revelers for more than two decades, though the character is not typically associated with gun violence.


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Witnesses at the party say that there were two black males who showed up at the party uninvited, and that the homeowner confronted the two and asked them to leave. When they didn’t leave, a fight broke out and one of them men began shooting.

There’s no clear information about where, or if, he had hidden the shotgun–but he shot four men and one woman before fleeing from the scene. The incident occurred close to 5:00am.


“I woke up my husband and said, ‘Hey, there’s a gunshot,’” said Cassie Nogueron, who lives next door to where Freddy Kreuger shot up the party.

‘There was about five or six more after that,” said Nogueron. “People running to their cars, running away or running to the people that were hurt,” said Nogueron. “My gut instinct was to see does anybody need help was everybody okay.”

The woman who was shot attempted to drive herself to a hospital, but didn’t make it. She got into an accident and was then transported the rest of the way in an ambulance.


The four male suspects were all taken to area hospitals.All five are expected to survive.

There’s no word yet on the identity of the Mkreuger masked gunman or his friend. “It does make it more of a mystery of who was the person really because they didn’t look like themselves,” said Nogeuron.

The shooting was done with a shotgun, which has lead many to ask how the firearm was smuggled into the party. Was it a possibly illegal “short barreled shotgun” with a barrel shorter than federal regulations allow? Was it a legally registered short barreled shotgun? Or were guests simply too involved in the part atmosphere to notice that someone was carrying an actual long gun into the party?

We will have to gather more witness accounts and likely locate the shooter in question to know.

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