For more than three decades, retired Rhode Island Police Officer Tony Lepore has brought holiday cheer to the city of Providence with his famous dance moves while directing holiday traffic.

But that’s all changed now that he was fired by the Providence Police Department for protesting at a Dunkin Donuts after an employee wrote Black Lives Matter on a police officers coffee cup.

The Department said that Lepore wasn’t authorized to speak for the department, something he says he never did, and that his actions were a “disservice” to the community.

For his part, Lepore says his concerns are for the officers on the street, not the politicians running the department.

“Black Lives matter is an organization that has some individuals that advocate harm to police officers, and that was my concern,” Lepore said.

There is a happy ending to the story. East Providence, just across the water, has hired Tony to do what he does best for the holiday season.

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