A man has uploaded surveillance footage from his home security system to Youtube that shows his girlfriend opening fire on a group of armed home invaders as he slept. [Scroll Down For Video]

In the video we see the men break into the Port Elizabeth, SA home and sneak around for several minutes gathering knives to use as weapons and electrical cords, likely to bound to the occupants.

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However, one of the men wakes up the homeowner’s girlfriend. When the man lunges at the woman, she opens fire with her revolver.

Two shots were fired that sent the group fleeing out a window.

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Hearing the commotion, the woman’s boyfriend wakes up, grabs his gun from under a pillow and runs downstairs to help secure the home.

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According to an MSN report, the men managed to get away with the woman’s handbag and an undisclosed amount of money.

Neither of the occupants of the home were harmed during the ordeal. The video is slightly edited to cut down on time when nothing was happening.

Here is a radio interview with the victim on local radio. He clarifies that the couple has had problems with several break ins in the past and that is why they both sleep with guns within arms reach. Also, due to conflicting work schedules, the couple sleeps in separate rooms.

Here is the video of the incident as captured by the security cameras:

Sources: MSN, News24, The George Herald

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