Rapper David Banner finds himself in the middle of controversy after releasing a new video showing a police officer being kidnapped, tortured, and hanged by Black Lives Matter supporters.


There are already several online petitions calling for Banner and all participants in the video to be charged for inciting violence against police officers.

WARNING: The video is graphic and likely to piss you off. [scroll down for video]

The video starts off, showing a police officer, in uniform, smiling while watching the news about him having shot a young black suspect while callers say it was unnecessary.

Image 004

The officer then hears a knock on the door, but when he answers, he’s attacked and kidnapped.

Image 005

The next time we see the officer, he’s tied to a chair against his will as a fake court finds him guilty.

Image 006

Strangely, the document showing the charges lists three charges: Fraudulent use of a visa, and aggravated identity theft, so nothing to do with the shooting showed earlier.

Image 012

We’re then shown the officer being dragged over to a waiting noose.

Image 007

It’s not just actors being vile, as this shot shows Banner himself beating the officer in the video.

Image 008

The video also shows the cop being tortured and beaten.

Image 009

And even drowned in a sink.

Image 010

Finally, the video ends with Banner holding up the black fist symbol as the screen fades out.

Image 011

But don’t worry, it’s all cool because they ran this disclaimer before it, right?



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