Gunfire exploded in Houston when a thug targeted a Texas smoke shop and ran into an employee determined not to be a victim. And the entire incident was captured on the store’s security system.


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The cameras clearly show the unknown thug approaching Smoke Alley on Westheimer in Houston, Texas, appearing to be a customer before drawing his gun on the employee behind the counter named Raleigh.

We reached out to Raleigh and he told us exactly how the encounter went down.


“We have one of those door chimes so I heard the door ding but by the time I looked up, he already had his gun pointed at me and said ‘Hands up, n***a'”

“I saw the barrel of the gun, I saw him, and I took cover behind that small bit of wood we have in the store so I could draw my firearm, a CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical,¬† and start firing.”



“The first shot I popped off was low in his general direction and it scared him and got him moving. Then I came around the corner and started firing.”



As almost every viewer has noted, Raleigh never dropped the Nat Sherman Classic Blue cigarette he was holding while defending himself and the store.


Knowing that he was just about 50 feet from Westheimer Rd, a major traffic thoroughfare in Houston, Raleigh said he tried to keep his shots low as the thug fled from the store, tumbling to the ground as he caught a round in the shoulder when stepping off the curb.

“I called the cops, told them I discharged a firearm in the city of Houston, that it was an armed robbery and they came out.”


The suspect was reportedly found in the hospital, but detectives have only stated that it remains an open investigation.

As the video’s description says “Castle doctrine, baby. Shout out to CZ-USA, beautiful performance from my CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical.”

And that, boys and girls, is why you never try to rob a store in Texas.  Well done, Raleigh.

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