This just might be the most cathartic video you’ll watch all day. A would-be-robber took on a car full of people in the well-lit parking lot of a Denny’s in California. But it doesn’t end well for the robber.

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In fact, the whole incident ended pretty badly for the robber, who was run over by his prospective victim. To add insult to injury, or injury to injury in this case, he also shot himself in the head.

The man approached four people as they were leaving the Denny’s in Hawthorne California Wednesday, around 3:00 am. He jumped into the rear passenger side door of their car, and menaced them with a gun. As there is no audio track, we don’t know what he said.

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One person jumps from the car and runs. The driver, though, had had enough. He or she threw the car in reverse.

Because the robber was hanging out of the open door, he was thrown backwards into the parking lot. He landed on his feet, though, and started running.

He had a date with a getaway driver, but the getaway car didn’t stop. It rolled on by and sped off. This left the robber a bit exposed.

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Inside the Denny’s, panic ensued. Some ran for the kitchen.

Outside, though, the car full of good-guys was speeding toward the robber. And it hits him, full-on.

Somewhere in the ensuing chaos, the robber shot himself in the head.

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He survived, but needed some medical attention.

“I’m not going to say any prayers for the suspect because he kind of got what’s coming to him, you know,” Amir Obeid, the manager of Denny’s, said about what he called “vigilante justice.”

“He decided to rob somebody, and that’s what happens. You’re taking a chance whenever you do something like that.”

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Lieutenant Ti Goetz from Hawthorne police looked like he was suppressing a smile. “He’s running away from the scene with a gun in his hand when the victims chased him in the car,” he explained. “When they struck him it launched his body up in the air and somewhere in that process, the gun in his hand fired, resulting in him getting a bullet in the head.”

The suspect is in a critical but stable condition. They police are also looking for two accomplices who drove the getaway car.

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