Clown sightings have been steadily rising across the country in recent months and many have expressed concern that at some point one of the encounters would turn violent. Well, that seems to have happen based on a viral video posted to social media this week. However, the target of the violence wasn’t the expected person.


In a video posted to social media, we see a group of friends in a vehicle approached by a man dressed in a creepy clown outfit.

The group of friends attempt to warn the man to move and one person even suggests running the clown over at one point.

One of the friends gets out of vehicle with what appears to be a baseball bat and swings it at the knees of the clown and then appears to hit him again.


Another friend gets out of the vehicle and begins punching and kicking the clown. After a few seconds the men get back in the car and drive away leaving the man in the clown suit in a heap on the road.


Clown sightings have become more common over the last two years across the United States. Sightings seem to have reached an uptick in recent months in many parts of the country.

People have captured many images of clown sightings across the country and posted them to social media. Here are just a few:



Due to the low speed of the bat swing and some perceived “pulled punches” many viewers have expressed thoughts that the entire video may be fake and an effort to capitalize on the coverage of clown sightings in recent months. However, others say those issues can be explained by the low light and low video quality which make capturing clear motion in video much harder.

Here is the video in question:

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