A knife wielding armed robber targeted what he thought was a defenseless woman in a parking garage. However, he quickly learned he made a life changing mistake. [Scroll Down For Video]

Surveillance video shows the suspect following the victim into an elevator and then to her car. Unfortunately, no video exists of the attack itself. However, the subsequent 911 call and the suspect’s injuries paint a pretty vivid picture. Related Content: Legislature Overturns Veto, Makes This State Constitutional Carry

According to local media reports:

Police said she got in her car, he pushed in right behind her and put his hand over her mouth before pulling out a knife.

A violent struggle ensued, causing the car’s windshield to crack. It was in that moment that the woman reached into her purse and pulled out a gun.

The would-be victim shot the suspect in the neck.

The victim called 911 and reported the shooting. The suspect, identified as John Ganobick, is expected to survive his injuries and is being charges with attempted murder, kidnapping and criminal mischief.

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