The popular quote says “dogs are a man’s best friend”. It’s a rare breed of best friend that will take a bullet for you, however that’s exactly what Legend, a bull-mastiff mix from Tampa, Florida did last week.

According to local media reports:

Mersadie Wells-Shahan, 19, said five men were walking near her home on Polak Drive shortly after 11 p.m. Her boyfriend, Damien Strickland, was outside. Strickland told deputies the men walked toward him and pistol whipped him before going into the home.

Strickland told investigators the men then dragged him into his home where a fight started.

Wells-Shahan says she was dragged to the ground as her Bullmastiff mix named Legend bit the attackers. Investigators say the men shot Legend twice.

“That dog saved my life,” she said.

Legend was transported to a local veterinarian’s office for treatment, and despite several wounds, is expected to recover completely.

One suspect was arrested for the crime and is being charged with battery with a deadly weapon, robbery home invasion, and aggravated cruelty to animals. Several other suspects remain at large.

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