A deranged man with a knife was shot twice while trying to enter a home through the doggy door during a neighborhood rampage.

Nicole Slokken was one of the people terrorized during the rampage, with the intruder pounding on her door so loud that one of the neighbors called to check on her.

“She said, ‘Are you ok? Are you ok? Someone is trying to kick down your door.'” said Slokken

Unsuccessful at Slokken’s home, the intruder moved on to the next home, armed with a 12-inch knife, and tried to climb through the doggy door.

That’s where the homeowner, armed with a .45 caliber handgun, told him to stop or be shot. He didn’t stop.

The intruder was struck once in the shoulder and once in the face.

“I think it was very brave,” said Slokken. “I’m glad he did it. It made me feel better — that he’s armed.”

The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital where he was treated. He has since recovered and been transferred to jail awaiting trial.

For her part, Slokken says things would have been very different if her neighbor had not shot the suspect.

“The detective told me the neighbor very well could have saved our lives.”

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