ISIS propaganda photo showing "future jihadist".

ISIS propaganda photo showing “future jihadist”.

The Islamic State, aka ISIS/ISIL, has reportedly blown up an infant child during an explosives training course.

The training was on how to booby-trap infants and other objects. The terrorists reportedly placed explosives on the baby and then remotely detonated it as a demonstration.

The child’s father was reportedly executed by ISIS earlier this month after he was found to have killed an ISIS fighter.

Diyala Province Security Committee Chairman Sadiq el-Husseini said of the act, “The organization booby trapped the baby in front of dozens of armed ISIS men and then detonated it from afar.”

“The organization doesn’t care about the most basic human values. Their crimes are incalculable and the blowing up of the baby is the best proof to the threat of ISIS’ ideology to the state,” he continued.

The incident reportedly happened on Friday, July 10, in Iraq’s violent Diyala Province, North East of Baghdad.

This is the latest atrocity to be carried out by ISIS. In the past, the group has been known to behead, drown, burn alive and blow up their prisoners.

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