The family of one of the suicide bombers in the Paris terror attacks of November 13 say he never meant to hurt anyone and may have done it because of stress.

Ibrahim Abdeslam, 31, launched the fifth phase of the coordinated terror attacks, detonating a suicide vest inside cafe Comptoir Voltaire, close to the Bataclan theater. Luckily, no innocents were killed in the attack.

Now his mother suggested to reporters that the bomb may have been detonated by accident and perhaps he carried out the attack because he was ‘stressed’.

“This was not his plan, that’s for sure,” she said. “The fact that his suicide belt exploded without killing anyone says a lot.”

Family members added: “We even say him two days before the attacks. There were no signs that they has plans to do anything violent”.

The family also admitted Ibrahim had spent ‘a long time’ in Syria at training camps.


Another family member at the brothers’ home claimed that he would not have wanted to become a suicide bomber: “Maybe the explosives went off prematurely by accident. Maybe it was stress.”

Ibrahim’s brother, Mohamed Abdeslam told reporters: “We did not know that my brothers had been radicalized. We only found out about this on television. We didn’t know anything, we have a mother here who’s devastated.”

Source: The Telegraph

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