“Go ahead, warning shots” followed by a barrage of gunfire is what makes this video so amazing.

Taken aboard a shipping vessel of the coast of Somalia, the footage shows armed security contractors repelling a Somali pirate attack.

Just as the captain gives the order for warning shots, one of the pirates opens fire prompting an overwhelming return of fire from the security team consisting of former US Navy SEALs.

The driver of the lead skiff is killed and the small boat bounces off the hull of the massive cargo vessel.

Using standard AR-15 rifles, the security team then turns their attention to a second skiff attempting to attack.

Piracy in the waters off of the Somali coast has been a problem for several years now and after paying out multiple ransoms, some in the millions of dollars, many cargo companies are employing private contractors to protect their vessels.

Some ships can be carrying cargo worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Due to international laws, these contractors are often forced to toss their weapons overboard prior to coming into port.

Now, a moment of silence for the AR-15’s that will never return from their watery grave.

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