Hippos and penguins and bears – oh my! The streets of Georgia look like a scene out of Jumanji and 10 people are dead after heavy rains allowed animals to escape the zoo.

Prime Minister Ireka Garibashvili said at least three of the dead are zookeepers who were mauled while trying to keep the animals inside the zoo.


“All relevant services have been mobilized and everything is being done as quickly as possible to return the runaway animals,” Prime Minister Garibashvili said on his website.

What? You’re not used to seeing penguins swimming down the streets of Tblisi?



Reports say this is a tiger covered in dirt and debris. A zookeeper reportedly had his arm torn off by a tiger during the animal’s escape.



What do bears love more than salmon? Air conditioning.


According to the  city’s zoo director, Zura Gurielidze, the zoo has been almost completely destroyed – all animals which didn’t escape either drowned or were shot dead.

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