Webcams, networked security cameras, and wi-fi baby monitoring cameras are the rage right now. Never before have you been able to monitor your life so easily and affordably.

The latest networked camera systems are great. They allow you to view your video feeds from any of your computers, your smart TV, and even your smart phone.

However, like with all new technology, with new advancements come new security concerns. Just like with technology of the past, the most preventable security problems are with the user.

If you forget to change the administrative password on your new camera network, there is a good chance the video from your new cameras will appear online on a new site called insecam.

The site features thousands of cameras online at any given time. The cameras were found due to lax or non-existent security parameters. Many people forget that these new cameras have to be secured at all. It would be the equivalent of having no password on your computer, no password on your wireless router and then sharing your hard drive with your network.

Most of the feeds are harmless feeds of security cams, front door cams, etc. However, some look right into the bedrooms and living rooms of unsuspecting private citizens.

If you decide to monitor your life with networked cameras, make sure it is only you who is doing the monitoring. Often, just changing the default password is enough to stop websites like this from posting your video feed.

The website raises an interesting question. Do you have an expectation of privacy if you install these cameras in your home, allow them to broadcast a video feed online and don’t take any steps to secure them?

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