ISIS is looking to institute a new form of attack to terrorize entire nations.

Using a propaganda magazine as their platform to get their message out, they call for lone wolf jihadists around the world to engage in serial knife attacks to kill and terrorize as many “disbelievers” as possible. ISIS claimed that using knife attacks create more opportunity to increase the body count of disbelievers.


ISIS has long used fear mongering as a form of attack, but the propaganda magazine Rumiyah (translated: Rome) has given a message strong and clear to their recruits.

The magazine stated that knives were preferable to using handguns or rifles for the following reasons: easy use, easily disposed of and (re)acquired, and one does not have to be an expert in knife usage.


The article even gave direction on which knives to use and which to stay away from. The author claimed that kitchen knives are knives to steer clear of as they are not, “designed to handle the kind of vigorous application used for assassinations and slaughter.”

They also tell their recruits to “avoid troublesome knives, those that can cause harm to the user because of poor manufacturing.” The strong emphasis on knife attacks appears to stem from the idea of increased range and mobility for the attacker, with relative anonymity (for the attacker) including unexpectedness.

Previously, recruits were brought to the Middle East in an attempt to bolster their shrinking terror organization, which was self-declared by ISIS in 2014. The fighters are now told to wreck terroristic havoc amongst their home countries.


ISIS has always terrorized their own citizens in cities that they control. Their reign of terror has been reported by Inquisitr, claiming they have killed hundreds of their own citizens and have buried alive their fighters that retreat from the front lines of the battlefield. It seems that ISIS may be starting to lose their grip in the Middle East from these reports.
But the increase of knife attacks does have a reason for concern. It’s unclear how many sympathizers for the terror group read the propaganda magazine, but one thing is certain, we need to be aware of these future attacks and be prepared to stop them.'

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