In what may be the demented terror groups most disturbing video to date, young children are shown playing a twisted game of hide and seek with ISIS captives.

Recorded in a remote part of Deir ezzor province in Syria, the horrifying video shows six young children running through historic ruins searching for hidden prisoners while carrying pistols in their hands. Each captive is forced to wait with their hands tied in a remote part of the ruins, while the eight and nine year old recruits search for them.

The video then cuts to a very professional looking clip showing the captive stating their name a brief bit about their captivity, before the children execute them at point blank range..


After finding a captive and executing him, the recruits run back to their instructor and hand the balaclava mask and handgun to the next student so they can begin their run of this “exercise”.


There is no question as to the authenticity of the atrocities on the recording.

Image 094

The final prisoner is beheaded by seemingly the youngest of the boys as he repeatedly screams “Allahu Akbar”.

[Author’s Note: Over the past year, the worst part of reporting the news has been covering ISIS’s horrific videos.┬áDespite all of the previous brutality, this particular video is by far the most disturbing I’ve ever seen. For that reason, the pictures have been selected to convey the level of the atrocity without being anywhere near as graphic and disturbing as the footage. We’ve also decided to run a heavily edited and compressed version of the video.

I know people can be compelled to find the full video to see it out of morbid curiosity. I highly recommend against doing that. Ever.]


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