ISIS has earned a reputation as one of the most horrific terror groups to ever exist. However, even within such a horrible group, some people stand out as being particularly evil.

Enter “The Bulldozer”. The mountain of a man is an ISIS executioner and enforcer. According to a recent account of this man’s actions, via the Mirror:

A teenager has described the harrowing moment an ISIS terrorist known as ‘The Bulldozer’ cut off his foot and hand for refusing to join the terror group.

Omar, 14, was part of a more moderate militia fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad but the terror thugs kidnapped him and ordered him to join their murderous ranks.

When he defied them, they strung him up and tortured him for a month and a half.

Omar says he has given up on life since the harrowing ordeal. Ultimately, he is still lucky he wasn’t killed for his refusal.

I wonder how it would play out if The Bulldozer met The Angel of Death in battle?

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