It looks like ISIS is getting their hands on more and more weapons in their campaign of terror taking place in Syria and Iraq.

According to the Daily Mail:

It’s so big that it has to be supported on two tripods and fires ammunition that’s three times the size of standard rifle ammo.

An Isis terrorist has been photographed aiming a 10-foot long sniper rifle out of a flat window in Kobane.

The fearsome weapon fires 23mm calibre bullets, far larger than the standard size.

While the Daily Mail calls the gun a “sniper rifle,” it’s pretty clear it’s an anti-vehicle (or possibly converted anti-aircraft) gun of some sort, likely firing a 23mm round (although that is not confirmed). The gun was likely repurposed to be easily moved and fired by hand. A weapon like this could be effective against light armored vehicles if it’s accurate enough to be used effectively.

The following photo shows 25mm rounds, which are similar, but slightly larger than the 23mm rounds this rifle would use.


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